Research Program

The USPOULTRY industry research grants program encompasses all segments of broiler, turkey, and commercial egg operations. To date over $36 million has been invested in the association's research program. One of USPOULTRY's key strategic objectives is to increase the availability and constant improvement of the quality and safety of poultry products through comprehensive research.

Identified Research Needs for the Comprehensive Research Program

Proposed research projects should be designed to provide information that has the potential to resolve real industry problems. The following list is organized by overall subject area. Items within each list are presented in priority order. The list is updated and revised every two years. The last update was in September, 2022.

USPOULTRY realizes that new issues are always emerging and that scientists may see the importance of a potential problem that has not been recognized or cited as an industry research need. USPOULTRY invites proposals that address problems outside the industry lists but urges the submitter to provide ample background and justification to explain the need for the research.

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