Air Cargo Committee

The USPOULTRY Air Cargo Committee works to safegaurd chicks and eggs during air transport.

What Is the Air Cargo Committee?

USPOULTRY's Air Cargo Committee was established more than 30 years ago when primary breeders were increasing their global sales and shipping breeder chicks, turkey poults and hatching eggs by air to many international destinations. But with the growing number of shipments and losses also began to increase, several breeder companies joined together to form the Air Cargo Committee to find ways to reduce losses. They developed what became the Air Cargo Seminar to convey to the airlines and airline warehouse workers, proper handling techniques and environmental conditions necessary to protect their perishable, but valuable products. Positive results were soon realized, and losses declined. Today, Air Cargo Seminars continue to be held periodically in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, New York and other airports as necessary, including international airports.

Current Committee Members

Chairman - Renata Casasdei, Hy-Line International
Vice Chairman - Haleigh Burns, Aviagen Turkeys
Secretary - Kelly Wheeler, Aviagen
Susanne Araujo, Morris Hatchery, Inc.
Jessica Boor, Hy-Line International
Greg Carter, Hubbard LLC
Patty Chickering, CWT Farms International, Inc.
Angela Cubillas, CWT Farms International, Inc.
Ed Morris, Morris Hatchery, Inc.
Silvia Mourino, Lohmann Breeders US
Roberta Ortega, Keith Smith Company, Inc.
Guilliana Rivera, Global Poultry Source, LLC
Bastiaan Schimmel, Centurion Poultry, Inc.
Alberto Torres, Cobb-Vantress, Inc.
Kathy VanBibber, Hy-Line International
Steve Welch, Hendrix-ISA LLC
Advisor - Carlos Alberty, Omni Export Services, Inc.
Advisor - Luis Alvarez, Omni Export Services, Inc.
Advisor - Diana Berdote, JAS Forwarding USA, Inc.
Advisor - Jerry Herrera, American River International
Advisor - Issa Mahshi, Commodity Forwarders, Inc.
Advisor - Edwind Ochoa, EC Premier Logistics, Inc.
Advisor - Cintia Ochoa, EC Premier Logistics, Inc.
Advisor - Warren Owens, Owens World Air Inc.
Advisor - Taysa Vianna-Talbi, Qatar Airways
Advisor - Bud Whiting, Whiting World Wide, Inc.
Advisor - Frances Whiting, Whiting World Wide, Inc.