Poultry Health & Welfare Program

“The success of the poultry industry starts with the care and wellbeing of the bird. USPOULTRY provides information and tools to our members to achieve optimal animal welfare.”

Program Lead:
Rafael Rivera, Director, Food Safety & Production Programs, rrivera@uspoultry.org

Program Resources

Animal Welfare

The poultry industry complies with several animal welfare standards to ensure the public that all birds receive humane care throughout their lives. USPOULTRY gathers technological information that aids implementation and improvements in the design and execution of animal welfare programs. Information is provided through technical references, multimedia resources, articles, meetings, and other educational events.


Biosecurity practices are proven, cost effective techniques to control and prevent the spread of diseases in poultry operations. In an expanding global economy, it is of extreme importance to protect the health of our flocks in order to maintain and improve efficiencies and minimize economic losses due to disease outbreaks. This website is intended to highlight these measures and provide guiding concepts.