Research Program

The USPOULTRY industry research grants program encompasses all segments of broiler, turkey, and commercial egg operations. To date over $30 million has been invested in the association's research program. One of USPOULTRY's key strategic objectives is to increase the availability and constant improvement of the quality and safety of poultry products through comprehensive research.

Board Research Initiative (BRI) Competiton

Improved Eggshell Quality in Cage-Free Layer Flocks - 9/20/21

Eggshell quality is important for food safety and beneficial egg quality attributes. The U.S. egg industry is moving to extensive cage-free housing systems to meet consumer and legislative demands. Companies transitioning face numerous unknowns regarding housing systems, including how to ensure that eggshell quality is maintained. Eggshell quality is multifactorial, and the interactions between the housing system and factors known to affect shell quality are not well understood. Numerous questions regarding management and mitigation of eggs laid outside of the system, or so-called "floor eggs" exist and best practices have not been identified for handling these eggs. Shell quality and production issues are a real concern, often resulting in severe financial loss. Click here to read full initiative.

Salmonella and Campylobacter Control and Mitigation Strategies in Chickens and Turkeys - 9/20/21

The poultry industry has seen many changes in production and processing over the last century, but food safety issues and outbreaks associated with Salmonella and Campylobacter continue to persist. Research is needed to develop effective and practical prevention, intervention and control strategies. Click here to read full initiative.