The All Feather Association progressively serving its poultry and egg members through research, education, communications and technical services.

USPOULTRY supports the poultry and egg industries through research related to all aspects of the poultry and egg industry, education via our seminars and conferences, and on a technical level, specifically focusing on food safety, environmental aspects, worker health, safety and human resources. Our members include producers and processors of broilers, turkeys, ducks, eggs and breeding stock, as well as allied companies.

Poultry Industry Economic Impact in the United States (2022)

Jobs: 2,012,269
Wages: 125.6B
Taxes: 33.7B

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USPOULTRY leads the development of industry related training programs. Note: While some resources are available to the general public, the majority of our training programs are available to USPOULTRY members only.


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As the only annual exposition highlighting the best of the poultry and egg, meat and animal food industries, the 2025 IPPE will offer timely and important information and an efficient way for producers and processors to find solutions to enhance their operations.

The 2025 IPPE will be held Jan. 28 - 30, 2025 in Atlanta, Ga.


Industry Calendar

Stay "In the Know" with a continuously updated calendar of events relevant to the poultry and egg industries.


Latest Member News

Alltech Inc
April 15, 2024
- A new study highlights the significant positive effects of yeast cell wall extract supplementation on layer performance during mycotoxin challenges, Alltech announced. Published in March 2024 in the journal Toxins, “Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Y...
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Antibiotic Stewardship Within U.S. Poultry Production

Updated research, supported by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, has been released quantifying the U.S. poultry industry's on-farm antibiotic use. The new report adds data from 2022 to the previously published peer-reviewed reports covering the use of antibiotics from 2013 through 2022 for U.S. broiler chickens and turkeys and from 2016-2022 for U.S. layer chickens. The data are collected, analyzed and published under the research direction of Dr. Randall Singer, DVM, Ph.D., of Mindwalk Consulting Group, LLC and the University of Minnesota.

What Is the Antibiotic Stewardship Within U.S. Poultry Production Report?

The data collected through the voluntary participation of U.S. poultry companies demonstrate a commitment to antibiotic stewardship and disease prevention within poultry production. As part of its commitment to the transparency and sustainability of a safe food supply, the poultry industry aims to strike a balance between the responsible use of antibiotics, especially those considered "medically important" to human health and keeping poultry flocks healthy.



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USPOULTRY Financial Management Seminar to Address Challenges and Trends in Today’s Economic Environment

Legislative changes, export opportunities, taxes and technological advances all play a huge role in poultry and egg companies' financial management. Combine these challenges with the daily activities involved in reporting and cybersecurity protections, and you get a very...

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Inaugural USPOULTRY PHIS Workshop Explores Function and Noncompliance Record Response

USPOULTRY hosted its inaugural Public Health Information System (PHIS) Workshop on April 17. Developed in partnership with the Food Safety Advisory Committee, the workshop assisted attendees with navigating the PHIS interface and appropriately responding to U.S....

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Election Year Washington, Labor Practices, and Training and Engaging Across Generations Among 2024 Workforce Success and Engagement Conference Highlights

USPOULTRY’s 2024 Workforce Success and Engagement Conference addressed how industry human resource professionals can help improve employees’ belonging and connection to their organization, in addition to many other topics. The conference was held at the Hilton Sandestin...

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Researchers Evaluate New Diagnostic Tool for Infectious Laryngotracheitis Detection

USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announce the completion of a funded research project by researchers at the University of Georgia that evaluated a new diagnostic tool for Infectious Laryngotracheitis detection. The research was made possible in part by an endowing...

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Texas A&M University Wins 75th USPOULTRY Foundation Ted Cameron National Poultry Judging Contest

Nine universities recently participated in the 75th USPOULTRY Foundation Ted Cameron National Poultry Judging Contest, held at Louisiana State University (LSU). Texas A&M University won the high team overall category, and The Ohio State University took second place....