The Poultry Protein & Fat Council grew out of leadership action by the poultry rendering industry. The initial group convened as the By-Products Committee to draft recommendations to the Southeastern Poultry & Egg Association board of directors (now U.S. Poultry & Egg Association).

Nineteen representatives of poultry rendering companies met in Atlanta, Ga., on Nov. 14, 1988, to evaluate the existing production and marketing of byproducts and to review research results from cattle feeding. They also discussed other needs of the rendering industry.

The highlight of that meeting was an "eye-opening" study on feather meal for beef cattle, with data showing protein value twice that of soybean meal. The implication was that feather meal would be equally as valuable for dairy cattle. The investment in this research has had a significant impact on the market. Whereas feathermeal traded at a discount, on an equal protein basis, to soybean meal, it now trades at a premium due to its superior nutritional value.

The renderers concluded that new market potentials should be developed and that feeding the products to poultry may not be the most profitable market.

The Poultry Protein & Fat Council was formed to guide the association in providing needed assistance. Renderers agreed that research was an urgent and vital need, and have requested over $1.5 million in subsequent years on numerous topics. Research abstracts are searchable on the USPOULTRY research page.

For more information about the Poultry Protein & Fat Council, e-mail Rafael Rivera.



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