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U.S. Egg per Capita Consumption (Total egg production divided by total population)
Source: American Egg Board

U.S. per Capita Food Consumption - Chicken (Individual) Boneless, trimmed (edible) weight, pounds per capita per year. All poultry and livestock products are on a retail weight basis.
Source: USDA

U.S. per Capita Food Consumption - Turkey (In kilograms per capita. All poultry and livestock products are on a retail weight basis.)
Source: USDA


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Broiler Exports (billions of pounds)
Source: USDA/Economic Research Service

Top 5 Export Markets for U.S. Turkey Meat, 2020 (tons)
Source: USDA/Economic Research Service

Top 5 Export Markets for U.S. Chicken Meat, 2020 (1,000 pounds)
Source: USDA/Economic Research Service


Young Meat Chickens Slaughtered in 2020


State Number Total Live Weight Average Weight
Alabama 1,169,449 6,444,234 5.5
Arkansas 991,303 6,975,604 7.0
California 274,524 1,648,775 6.0
Delaware 349,328 2,699,543 7.7
Georgia 1,277,929 7,786,715 6.1
Indiana 74,573 343,669 4.6
Kentucky 283,870 1,842,974 6.5
Louisiana 177,521 1,197,214 6.7
Maryland 134,388 873,721 6.5
Mississippi 702,872 4,455,128 6.3
Missouri 421,059 2,128,635 5.1
New York 27,916 135,801 4.9
North Carolina 912,831 7,483,477 8.1
Oklahoma 130,626 947,753 7.1
Pennsylvania 129,710 738,604 5.6
South Carolina 288,457 2,225,473 7.5
Tennessee 312,596 1,710,853 5.4
Texas 704,876 4,656,732 6.5
Virginia 315,838 1,953,758 6.2
United States 9,229,801 59,155,652 6.32

Source: USDA NASS, Poultry Slaughter 2020 Summary

Poultry Production and Value 2020 Summary

The combined value of production from broilers, eggs, turkeys, and the value of sales from chickens in 2020 was $35.5 billion, down 11 percent from $40.0 billion in 2019. Of the combined total, 61 percent was from broilers, 24 percent from eggs, 15 percent from turkeys, and less than 1 percent from chickens.

The value of broilers produced during 2020 was $21.7 billion, down 23 percent from 2019. The total number of broilers produced in 2020 was 9.22 billion, up slightly from 2019. The total amount of live weight broilers produced in 2020 was 59.4 billion pounds, up 2 percent from 2019.

The value of turkeys produced during 2020 was $5.19 billion, up 20 percent from the $4.32 billion the previous year. The total number of turkeys raised in 2020 was 224 million, down 2 percent from 2019. Turkey production in 2020 totaled 7.32 billion pounds, down 2 percent from the 7.47 billion pounds produced in 2019.

The value of sales from chickens (excluding broilers) in 2020 was $18.8 million, down 50 percent from $37.6 million a year ago. The number of chickens sold in 2020 totaled 185 million, down 1 from the total sold during the previous year.

Value of all egg production in 2020 was $8.66 billion, up 18 percent from $7.33 billion in 2019. Egg production totaled 112 billion eggs, down 1 percent from 113 billion eggs produced in 2019.

Source: USDA/NASS Poultry Production and Value 2020 Summary

Source: USDA - NASS

Industry at a Glance
2017 Census of Agriculture

Organic Poultry

According to the latest Census of Agriculture (2019), U.S. farms and ranches sold $9.93 billion in certified organic commodities, an increase of $2.37 billion or 31% from 2016. There were 16,585 certified organic farms, a 17% increase from 2016, which accounted for 5.50 million certified acres, an increase of 9% over 2016. The top sectors and commodities in 2019 were:

Commodity $ million
Livestock and poultry products 2,480
Vegetables 2,080
Fruits, tree nuts and berries 2,020
Livestock and poultry 1,660
Milk 1,590
Broiler Chickens 1,120
Field Crops 1,180

Milk and eggs were the top two certified commodities sold. Milk, valued at $1.4 billion, was up 18 percent from 2015, and eggs, at $816 million, increased 11 percent. Broiler chickens ranked third, with sales of $750 million. Among crops, the top selling commodities were apples, lettuce and strawberries.

Source: USDA NASS 2019 Certified Organic Survey


Top 10 Egg Producing Companies (As of 2020)
Layers Housed (millions)
Source: Egg Industry Magazine, 2021

Top 10 Egg Producing States (As of 2020)
(Ranked by number of layers represented in thousands)
Source: USDA Chicken and Eggs 2020 Summary

Production: Broilers - Total: 785.14
Ready to cook pounds, millions
Source: Watt PoultryUSA March 2021

Production: Turkeys (2020)
Source: USDA/NASS May 2021


Top Turkey Processors 2020
Live weight processed (in millions of pounds)
Source: March 2021 WattPoultry USA

Sources of Economic Information for Various States

Alabama Alabama Agricultural Statistics Service
Arkansas Arkansas Agricultural Statistics Service
Delaware Delaware Agricultural Statistics Service
Florida Florida Agricultural Statistics Service
Georgia Georgia Agricultural Statistics Service
Indiana Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service
Kentucky Kentucky Agricultural Statistics Service
Louisiana Louisiana Agricultural Statistics Service
Maryland Maryland Agricultural Statistics Service
Mississippi Mississippi Agricultural Statistics Service
Missouri Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service
Nebraska Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service
North Carolina North Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service
Ohio Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service
Oklahoma Oklahoma Agricultural Statistics Service
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Agricultural Statistics Service
South Carolina South Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service
Tennessee Tennessee Agricultural Statistics Service
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Texas Texas Agricultural Statistics Service
Virginia Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service
West Virginia West Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service
Miscellaneous National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation, American Egg Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service

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Companies involved in the production and processing of poultry provide 1,814,200 jobs that pay $100.2 billion in wages to families throughout the country, generate over $469.6 billion in annual economic impact, and about $32.9 billion in taxes. The poultry industry in the United States employs as many as 374,063 people across the country and generates an additional 1,440,180 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries. These include jobs in companies supplying goods and services to the industry. These are good jobs paying an average of $55,200 in wages and benefits. And today, every job is important. In fact, in the United States the unemployment rate has reached 5.47 percent. This means that there are 8.6 million people trying to find jobs across the country.

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