News & Views March/April 2020 Edition

John starkey To All of You That Continue to Feed Millions of People Around the World For the last few weeks, as Gwen Venable has been “gently” reminding me, I needed to prepare a column for News & Views . I have been, admittedly, procrastinating. Why? Well, the dominating topic is, by far, COVID-19. And, I didn’t want to write about COVID-19, because everyone else is writing about COVID-19. Besides the fact that I have no special insight into COVID-19, I think many of us are “burnt out” on reading about the disease. But, alas, Gwen has given me my final ultimatum, and the same thing is front and center in our collective minds, COVID-19. Certainly, there is concern and compassion for those who have caught this potentially deadly disease. Many more people have suffered a loss of income for an undetermined amount of time. Every day, poultry and egg companies produce a quality, affordable and delicious product—against a multitude of challenges and potential obstacles that most people don’t know even exist. Now, with COVID-19, you’ve had to adapt, on the fly, to a host of other challenges from supply chain disruptions to maintaining staff, implementing additional safety and health protocols, to a whole host of other major disruptions to your processing and production lines. So, my COVID comment to all of you as you continue to feed me and my family and millions of others around the world through this trying time—THANK YOU! John Starkey, PE President PRESIDENT’S COLUMN John Starkey, PE President USPOULTRY MAR/APR 2020 I NEWS & VIEWS I 1