News & Views January/February 2020 Edition

John starkey What A Difference A Year Makes! To flip the famous Charles Dickens’ quote on its head: It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. A year ago, we were wrapping up the 2019 IPPE in mid-February. As many will recall, we were pushed back a few weeks because Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl, and we had lost a significant number of docks due to construction (the new BC building). It was, from a trade show perspective, “the worst of times.”Nonetheless, all parties involved, but our exhibitors first and f remost, pulled IPPE 2019 through to conclude as a successful event. Still, as regular readers of this column know, our feelings at USPOULTRY were “Thank goodness that’s over!” Fast forward 49 weeks. Nath Morris and I were standing in B Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 21, seven days prior to opening the 2020 edition of IPPE. All the booths were already “taped” to show their dimensions, and essentially all the electrical was roughed in. The A Hall was about in the same shape. In other words, we were more than 48 hours ahead of the prior year! Plus, we could truly see the vastness of the new BC Hall, and how, in real life, rather than on paper, it unified B and C Halls. Amongst other things, we finally had space for a real, on the floor, food court in the new BC Hall, as well as in A Hall. The food service provider for GWCC, Levy, designed and executed a great plan to fulfill this long-time need. So, in contrast to the year earlier, “it was the best of times.” I’m grateful for the outstanding efforts of our staff, partners, service providers, GWCC, ACVB, the Atlanta hotel community, and most importantly, our exhibitors and attendees, for mak- ing the 2020 IPPE a success. We look forward to IPPE 2021, next Jan. 26-28. John Starkey, PE President PRESIDENT’S COLUMN John Starkey, PE President USPOULTRY JAN/FEB 2020 I NEWS &VIEWS I 1