Global Guide to Best Practices in Air Transport of Hatching Eggs, Day-Old Chicks, Poults and Ducklings

Do’s and Don’ts for Shipping HEG DO’s • Handle HEG with extreme care; they are very fragile. Dropping, jarring or throwing can damage the eggs. • Stack HEG on pallets no more than 5 cases high. • Keep cases level while loading, noting directions on the boxes. Place HEG in a dry, clean and protected area and away from extreme heat or cold. • Maintain contact with the freight forwarder or shipper in case of any delay or cancellation. • Make sure all documentation attached to the Air Waybill is transferred with the HEG. DON’Ts • Don’t stack cases upside down or on their sides. • Don’t allow HEG cases to sit on the truck too long. Keep waiting time at a minimum when no dollies or temperature controlled vehicles are available . • Don’t let HEG sit in the rain or sunshine; even small amounts of shade are better than none. • Don’t mishandle HEG cases. • Don’t place HEG cases directly on the floor of the holding rooms and the aircraft. • Don't use the bulk compartment when tie-down is not possible. If the plane makes transit stops before reaching the final destination, remind the crew of the live freight and ensure staff check on the temperatures. 7