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Animal Welfare

The poultry industry complies with several animal welfare standards to ensure the public that all birds receive humane care throughout their lives. USPOULTRY gathers technological information that aids implementation and improvements in the design and execution of animal welfare programs. Information is provided through technical references, multimedia resources, articles, meetings, and other educational events.

It is increasingly difficult to schedule adequate training for individuals. USPOULTRY provides on-demand animal welfare training demonstrating standard procedures.

Learning Management System (LMS)

USPOULTRY LMS contains on demand training for the poultry industry. By creating an account, you can select the training modules that meets your needs. The available animal welfare modules are:

  1. Gait Scoring for Broilers and Turkeys (Approved for 1 hour of Continued Education for PAACO Certified Auditors)

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Training Modules (LMS)

More training modules can be added to an account as they become available. To see the entire catalog visit training resources.

Training Resources   

To create a new account, contact Rafael Rivera, rrivera@uspoultry.org. LMS available for USPOULTRY members only.

Gait Scoring Essentials: Chicken

Gait Scoring Essentials: Turkey

Poultry Handling and Transportation (PHT) is a certification program for live poultry transporters and handlers that focuses on humane handling of birds before, during, and after transport. The program offers standardized training in live poultry handling during various production stages and trains in methods of biosecurity, fitness for transport, and emergency management. The certification involves transportation and handling of several species including day old poultry, pullets, spent fowl, broilers, turkeys, and broiler breeders.

On this site: About PHT, Certification, Trainer Resources, PHT Companies, Certified Trainers, Industry Organizations, Contact PHT

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Cervical Dislocation Demonstration for Broilers

Video demonstrating proper cervical dislocation procedure for broilers. Videos available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin (Chinese)

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