Global Guide to Best Practices in Air Transport of Hatching Eggs, Day-Old Chicks, Poults and Ducklings

Glossary of Terms HEG: Hatching eggs are eggs that have a very small embryo inside that is dormant. DOC: Day-old chicks are the newly hatched poultry. For the purpose of this manual, DOC include day-old turkey poults and ducklings. Biosecurity is a set of procedures designed to protect DOC and HEG from disease and potentially harmful germs and is a key priority throughout the supply chain. GPU: A ground power unit (GPU) is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground. APU: Auxiliary Power Unit. NOTOC: Each airline is individually responsible for developing the procedures which must be followed to ensure that the Captain is fully informed. A typical process involves the use of the Notification to Captain “Document” which is otherwise known as a (NOTOC). STOPOVER & TRANSSHIPMENT : These terms refer to HEG or DOC to be in TRANSIT, which means that the HEG and DOC remain in the same aircraft. TRANSFER : means change of transport vehicle. 21