Global Guide to Best Practices in Air Transport of Hatching Eggs, Day-Old Chicks, Poults and Ducklings

CHECKLIST SHIPPER/AGENT/CARRIER HANDLINGHEGOR DOC 1 Inspect cases/boxes for obvious signs of dirt and damage (crushed, torn, wet or soiled). 2 Verify the number of cases/boxes. 3 Name of Consignee. Make sure that contact details, including phone numbers and country of destination, are clearly indicated (see page 24 for example). 4 Flight number and Air Waybill. 5 Make sure ALL cases/boxes have labels identifying the consignee and if possible the Air Waybill number. 6 Verify that shipping documents are in order. 7 Notify personnel at the destination airport and any transfer points along the way to expect an arrival of HEG or DOC. CHECKLIST CARGO COMPANIES HANDLINGHEG Packing HEG Are the egg cases packed the correct side up? Are cases stacked maximum of 5 cases high? Are the egg cases stacked in alternating patterns to avoid shifting? Are the storage temperatures correct (15-18° C (59-64 o F))? Shipping HEG Are any egg cases damaged? Is all information available and cases labelled? Are shipping documents in order? Have the airport and transfer points been notified of the arrival of the HEG? Handling, Palletizing and Loading HEG on the aircraft Are pallets large enough to prevent cases from falling off? Are the cases covered with plastic in case of rain? Are cases load-maxed 4 layers high? Are egg cases placed in the center of the conveyor belt if used? Is the pallet shrink-wrapped? Have personnel both at aircraft and at destination been notified that HEG are on board? Are egg cases securely strapped on the aircraft? Are HEG stored in a protected area away from extreme temperatures? Are HEG being handled carefully? They are fragile. Ensure no other cases are stored on top of the egg pallets. Off-loading HEG Are loading and off-loading taking place as quickly as possible to minimize exposure to climatic fluctuations? Are HEG stored properly in due time and under correct temperatures (15-18° C (59-64 o F))? When there is overheating, a missed connection or a lengthy delay in forwarding a shipment of HEG, we request that you: Notify the shipper and freight forwarder immediately. Refer to emergency contacts on the documents accompanying the HEG including the freight forwarder. 19