Global Guide to Best Practices in Air Transport of Hatching Eggs, Day-Old Chicks, Poults and Ducklings

Loading onto the Aircraft The time between leaving the holding area and loading the aircraft should be as short as possible. Make sure the DOC are not exposed to adverse weather conditions. An environmentally controlled vehicle is the preferred method of transportation. DOC should be the last cargo delivered to the aircraft and the first to be off-loaded from the plane during hot weather. During cold weather, pallets should not be loaded directly at the aircraft door. Ensure that everyone is aware that perishable live cargo is on board and that specific temperatures are required during the journey. Examples of vehicles used for transportation between the holding area and the aircraft HEG and DOC must not be shipped with other avian species unless they adhere to the same biosecurity and health status as required on the health certificate. The carrier must inform the shipper or agent at the time of booking if other avian species are on the same flight. Loading DOC with animals other than avian species is possible, but other live animals should not be placed adjacent to the DOC, nor should other animal shipments be stored in the warehouse directly adjacent to DOC shipments. Pallets with DOC should not be stored on the platform near the exhaust of the plane. 13